12 Years and Nothing to Say

June 12, 2022, by Todd Neva

Kristin asked me several times to write something for the 12-year anniversary of my ALS diagnosis. The anniversary came and went on June 10.

I had several starts, and each read like a Christmas brag letter — Isaac is going into 7th grade and Sara is going into 11th. They’re good students, they have many talents, and I am at peace that they will do well in life. I’m humbled and amazed by Kristin. With no exaggeration, I can tell you that she has saved my life on numerous occasions. I simply would not be here if it were not for her. She’s a wonderful mother, and so competently maintains this house and property.

Other than that, 12 years into ALS, and I have nothing insightful for you.

Perhaps it’s my age, and I’m finally realizing how little I know. Perhaps it’s because this disease has just about stripped every shred of pride from me, but it’s only the proud who loath humility. Maybe I already used my allotted amount of hutzpah.

Kristin keeps asking me how I feel. She wants me to explore my deep inner thoughts, but I don’t feel much.

I abide. I try to stay busy with projects. I consume way too much news and political commentary, and every now and then I stumble into some truth about God and the human condition that I wish I had learned earlier in life when it could have been useful.

So let me just say this — thank you for supporting us. I miss many of you, my old friends from years long past. I’m grateful for the support of many of you who don’t even know us personally. You are a picture of God’s grace.

What motivated me to write this is that I’ve been getting NevaStory updates in my inbox for the last three days, because I think there’s a bug in Google’s Feedburner system. That’s the tool I used to managed email subscriptions to our blog, but I long since deleted the plug-in. After getting a couple emails I deactivated the feed, but then I got another email. I have no idea how to stop them, so feel free to unsubscribe.

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