Copper Island Novels

Kristin is the author of the Copper Island Novels, small-town fiction from the ragged edge of faith.

Writing has become a lifeline for Kristin as she spends her days at home caring for her husband, Todd, who has quadriplegia from ALS. Kristin explores life’s big questions and channels her emotions into the lives of her characters. She delves into themes of love, loss, and faith. Her quirky characters are endearing and wholesome, but they are also flawed and full of grit, humor, and appetites.

And because the subject is close to Kristin’s heart, the Copper Island Novels include a character who has ALS. Each book touches on parts of the journey experienced by those dealing with ALS, from trying to get a diagnosis for mysterious symptoms to struggling to find caregivers in the final stages of life.

The Copper Island Novels are set on Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula, which averages over 200 inches of snow annually. The fictional towns of Douglass and Quincy mirror the real towns of Houghton and Hancock where the Nevas reside. Although the names of businesses and persons are fictional, the history, landmarks, and spirit of the region described in the novels are real.

Love weaves its way through the messiness of life on Copper Island. Although the books are in a series, each can be read as a stand-alone novel:

Snow Country: Jilted three weeks before her wedding, Beth abandons her California home for snowy Copper Island, Michigan where a charming state trooper will help her find a new beginning.
Copper Country: Aimee had enough cold showers growing up poor. If only Russ would give up his rustic off-the-grid lifestyle so they could have a future together.
Across the Bridge: Sparks fly when Marcella meets widower Drew, but she worries a relationship would hurt his son. A story about healing and second chances.
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